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Arukenimon is sitting at a table.

Oikawa walks up, holding a bowl of chili peppers and a glass of water. "Hey, Arukenimon, let's have a hot pepper eating contest!"

Placing the bowl and glass on the table, he grabs a pepper and stuffs it into his mouth. "Jalapeno!"

"Oh yeah?" Arukenimon retorts. Snatching up another pepper, she quickly eats it. "Cayenne!"

Oikawa picks up a third pepper and polishes it off, sweating heavily. "Habanero!"

Undaunted, Arukenimon grabs yet another pepper. "Ghost Chili!"

She pops it into her mouth. There is a pause, then an uncomfortable expression appears on her face, which slowly turns red, before she opens her mouth and exhales a huge burst of flame, which engulfs Oikawa. Quickly, she grabs the glass and chugs the water like there's no tomorrow. "Y-you win," she gasps out.

"Then why am I not happy?" mutters a severely charred Oikawa.


Arukenimon is just standing minding her own business, when Mummymon tiptoes up behind her and glomps her in a huge hug.

She lets out a shriek, then turns to glare at him as he runs off. "HOW DARE you do that! I feel"

She pauses, then slowly smiles. "Actually, I feel pretty good."


Arukenimon is sitting at a table.

Oikawa runs past screaming. "TOO MUCH RICE!"

There is a rumbling, and he is swept off his feet by a huge tidal wave of rice. As it subsides, Arukenimon pulls a spoon out of hammerspace, and starts eating. "There's no such thing."


Oikawa is sitting in his chair, reading.

Arukenimon comes up behind him, holding a pair of scissors. "May I have a lock of your hair?"

Without waiting for an answer, she snips a piece off, leaving him with a bald patch. "I'll keep it as a reminder of how stupid you look right now."


Arukenimon is sitting at a table."Everything is gray and dull," she sighs.

Mummymon walks up. "I just realized I haven't dusted in three months."

"Aha," she nods.


Mummymon places a bowl on the table. "Hey, Arukeni! Dinner's ready!"

Arukenimon walks up, looks down at the bowl, and scrutinizes the contents. "Soup?"

She frowns. "Soup?"

She throws her head and screeches, "SOUP?!"

"It's Cream of Cannelloni," says Mummymon. "I made it myself."

Arukenimon's frown slides off her face. "Ssssooouuupppp," she purrs, picking up her spoon.


"Y'know, Arukenimon, I worry about you," remarks Oikawa. "I know you hate getting up, but lynching the alarm clock?"

"It had it coming," she growls, tightening the noose around the clock.


"Life is filled with joy!" Arukenimon exclaims.

Mummymon walks up. "Just so you know, I decided to serve granola for dinner instead of cannelloni."

Arukenimon goes white. "Life was just toying with me!"


Arukenimon is out walking. Suddenly, she comes across a sign reading STEP JUST A LITTLE CLOSER.

Immediately, she turns around and walks back the way she came. "That can't be anything good."


Arukenimon is sitting at a table. "There's nothing happening," she sighs.

A charred and disheveled Oikawa walks past. "I finally got the wildfire in my sock drawer extinguished!"

"Out of the ordinary, I mean," explains Arukenimon.


Arukenimon and Oikawa are sitting at a table, when there is a loud BOOM!

"What was THAT?!" exclaims Oikawa. "And where's Mummymon?" he adds, looking around.

A second later, the mon in question (wearing a crash helmet) slams into him, knocking him to the floor.

"You mean, the Digital Cannonball?" asks Arukenimon.


Arukenimon walks though the cabin, singing to herself and snapping her fingers. "I am woman, hear me roar, I am too big to ignore."

She notices that neither Mummymon or Oikawa are paying attention to her. "Maybe I should consider a career change?"


"Life around here is not normal," remarks Arukenimon.

Mummymon walks past, wearing a hula outfit and carrying a balloon and a pair of pineapples. "Arukenimon, I;m gonna go tap-dance outside, with a balloon animal tied to my head and a pineapple in each hand!"

Arukenimon rolls her eyes. "AGAIN?"


Arukenimon is sitting at a table.

Oikawa walks up, his hand behind his back. "Hey, Arukenimon, I have a surprise for you!"

She looks excited, until he removes his hand from his back. "TA-DA! It's an apple!"

As he places it in front of her, she gives him a filthy look. "I prefer my surprises in pie form."


Arukenimon and Oikawa are sitting at a table.

"I'm bored," sighs Oikawa. "Are you bored, Arukenimon?"

"No, but keep talking, I'm getting there."…

It'll mostly be the same stuff on my Fanfiction.Net account, but I MIGHT post some exclusive (mostly N-17-rated) stuff on there.…

It'll mostly be the same stuff on my Fanfiction.Net account, but I MIGHT post some exclusive (mostly N-17-rated) stuff on there.


United Kingdom
I am a person who LOVES various fandoms. I'm a writer, as opposed to an artist (I suck at art - TRUST me), and while I only have a few fandoms I'm REALLY interested in, if I like a picture, I'll favourite it no problem!

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