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It'll mostly be the same stuff on my Fanfiction.Net account, but I MIGHT post some exclusive (mostly N-17-rated) stuff on there.
Mummymon places a plate of cannelloni and a bowl of bananas in front of Arukenimon. "Which do you want, my sweet?"

To his surprise, she picks up the bananas. "Why those?"

She ties two of them into her hair, and starts juggling the others. "We're talking play value here."


Arukenimon is watching television.

On the screen, two guys get into a car crash, then one guy gets our of his car and starts yelling at the other guy before getting punched across the road.

Arukenimon sighs. "Humans. Why do they yell at each other? Why do they hurt each other?"

Mummymon pops up beside her. "That's right!"

Annoyed, she smacks his arm. "Oh, what do YOU know?"


Arukenimon is sitting at a table.

Mummymon walks up. "Guess what, Arukeni? We're having steamed vegetables for dinner tonight!"

Arukenimon gives him a strange look. "Now that's just crazy talk, and you know it."

"You don't seem impressed."


Arukenimon and Oikawa are sitting on the sofa.

Oikawa sighs. "'s dreary, and pouring with rain. What could be worse?"

Arukenimon looks out of the window. "There's a motorcycle gang outside."


Arukenimon sits up in bed.

"Oh man, I ate too much pizza," she sighs.

As she is about to fall asleep, she hears a shuffling noise, and looks up to see three ugly monsters standing in front of her. "And...who might you guys be?"

"We are your pizza nightmare," explains one of the monsters. "I'm the pepperoni, and these here are the onions and the anchovies."

A small brown blob walks out from behind the monsters and jumps onto Arukenimon's bed. "And you are?" the spider-woman asks.

"I'm the hamburger you ate three weeks ago."


Oikawa is sitting in his chair.

Arukenimon walks up, holding a balloon. "Here y'go, Oikawa."

"Uh, thanks," he says, taking it from her.

She walks away, then fires a Spirit Needle at the balloon. The balloon bursts, spraying ink all over Oikawa.

"Ink balloon," says Arukenimon cheekily.


Oikawa is sitting at a table, a plate of food and a glass of water in front of him.

Arukenimon and Mummymon walk up on either side of him. As they reach the table, Mummymon picks up the glass and starts drinking from it.

"Give me that!" snaps Oikawa, snatching the glass away. "Don't drink my water!"

Arukenimon pokes the mashed potatoes with her finger.

"Keep your hands off my potatoes!" Oikawa snarls, grabbing her hand and shoving it away.

"Don't even think about it!" he snaps at Mummymon, who is about to bite into his porkchop.

He snatches the chop from the mummy and stuffs it into his mouth, followed by the potatoes and water, and starts chewing rapidly, pausing only to shout "HA!"

The Digimon are disgusted. "Are you trying to make us sick, or something?" asks Arukenimon.


"Y'know, Mummymon, you wouldn't be so happy if you could see what I'm seeing," remarks Arukenimon.

In response, he pulls a mirror from his pocket and looks into it. "Well, I wouldn't say that."

Arukenimon glowers at him. "Youve been carrying that around waiting for me to say that, haven't you?"

"Maybe," he says smugly.


Oikawa places a bowl of cereal in front of Arukenimon. "This cereal is a good source of fiber."

Arukenimon wrinkles her nose. "So THAT'S where missing socks go."


Arukenimon is sitting at a table, an alarm clock by her side. She looks at the clock, then sighs. "Sometime it seems there isn't enough time in the day to not do all the things that need doing."


Oikawa places a plate in front of Arukenimon. "OK, Miss Finicky, here's your dinner."

She scrutinizes it. "What is it?"

"Coquille Saint-Jaques, garnished with Belgian endive and laced with French truffles."

"AGAIN?!" she screeches.


"What if we could see into the future, Arukenimon?" sighs Oikawa. "Even just a year into the future...what would we see?"

Arukenimon looks around her, draining her coffee cup. "Probably this, but with a fresher pot of coffee."


Arukenimon is sitting at a table.

Mummymon walks up, his entire face covered by a large sheet of paper. "A little help, please? I accidentally glued this paper to my face."

"I'll fix it," says Arukenimon. Pulling a pen from hammerspace, she draws a picture of a happy face on the paper.

Mummymon folds his arms across his chest. "I'm not happy."

"Oh, but you are," says Arukenimon.


"Sometimes, I like to make Mummymon feel special," remarks Arukenimon.

As the blue-clad Digimon walks past, she touches his arm. "Mummymon, there's nobody as peculiar as you."

"Daww, thanks!" he cries happily.


Arukenimon is sitting at a table.

Oikawa walks up, battered and bruised, with his clothes torn to shreds and several hunks of his hair torn out. "So, how was YOUR day?" he asks.

"Better than yours," she says.


"Somedays, things just don't go right for me," sighs Oikawa.

"There's a word for that," says Arukenimon. "It's called 'life'."


"This is the last cup of coffee," Oikawa tells Arukenimon.

As he lifts the cup to his lips, she holds up a chalkboard and pulls off her glove. "Nails on a chalkboard!"

"And you may have it," he says, handing her the cup.

"Why, thank you!"


Arukenimon is sitting at a table.

Oikawa walks up holding a plate of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and spring greens, which he places on the table. "Ooops, forgot the ketchup," he remarks.

As he is about to walk away, something occurs to him, and he pulls what appears to be a car alarm buzzer from his pocket. Arukenimon looks puzzled, but before she can ask what it is, he clicks it and an alarm intones "STEP AWAY FROM THE MEATLOAF."

"I sense some trust issues," mutters Arukenimon.


Oikawa is fast asleep in bed.

Arukenimon tiptoes into his room, creeps up to him and places her hands over his mouth, causing him to struggle for breath before jerking awake with a shriek. "Sleeping people are fun," she sniggers.


"I hate Mondays," sighs Oikawa.

"Me too," agrees Arukenimon.

He gives her an annoyed look. "Why are YOU depressed? You don't work."

She shrugs. "Sympathy pains."
"I wonder what today is?" muses Arukenimon.

She trips over the mat and hits her head on the table. "It's Monday."


Arukenimon notices the cellar door is open. "Just look at this! Someone has left the cellar door open! Oikawa has told me a hundred times to keep it closed, or somebody might get hurt."

She slams the door, then we hear a thumping sound, as if someone had fallen downstairs. She opens the door, and sees Oikawa lying on the floor, the laundry basket over his face, and laundry everywhere.

"Sorry about that, Oikawa."


Arukenimon is sitting at a table, drinking a cup of coffee.

Oikawa walks up, charred and smoking with his eyes bulging out. "I think the toaster has a short circuit."

"So now all of a sudden you're an electrician?"


Oikawa is on the phone, unaware that a microphone is next to him.

"Hello, this is Yukio Oikawa. I'd like to order a large pizza with everything, to be delivered. Thank you."

As he puts down the phone and walks away, Arukenimon slides out from under the table, holding a tape recorder. "Now THERE'S a little tape that's gonna come in handy."


Arukenimon is sitting at a table.

Mummymon walks up, his face covered by a sheet of paper. "Um...little help? I had an accident with paper and glue."

"Don't worry, I'll fix it." Arukenimon picks up a marker and draws a smiley face on the paper.

He folds his arms in annoyance. "I'm not happy."

"Oh, but you are."


Arukenimon sits at a table, her head on her arms and a depressed look on her face. "Oh boy, am I down today."

Oikawa walks up, a depressed look on his face as well. "You look down today, Arukenimon, but I think I'm even downer."

"I hate one-downmanship." sighs Arukenimon.


Oikawa sighs. "I'm so depressed, it's depressing."

"Tell me about it." agrees Arukenimon gloomily.

"I think I'll go out and shoot myself."

"Oh sure. You're just trying to cheer me up."


"Why are we so depressed, Arukenimon?" asks Oikawa.

"I have this theory." she answers. "We've been stating up too late, lately. And being happy takes up entirely too much energy."


"We've gotta do something about this depression, Arukenimon." sighs Oikawa.


"Maybe a change of surrounding would cheer us up."


They manage to drag themselves outside and sit on the cabin stairs. "Wrongo." says Oikawa gloomily.

"Check." agrees Arukenimon.


"There's only one way out of this deep blue funk we're in, Arukenimon." says Oikawa. "I hate to do it, but it has to be done."

"I hope it works." sighs Arukenimon.

Oikawa turns away slightly, making some small noises of discomfort as he fiddles with something, then turns around revealing a banana stuffed in his left ear. "TAA-DAA!"

Arukenimon smiles broadly. "Bingo!"


Oikawa sneaks up to Arukenimon's bed, holding a megaphone. He lifts the blanket and calls "GOOD MORNING ARUKENIMON!" into the megaphone.

Startled, she sits bolt upright, then glowers at him. "You are the cruellest man alive, y'know that?"


"Potato chips!" Arukenimon exclaims. She grabs the bag of chips and tries to open it, but fails.

"Why do they make these bags so hard to open?!" she hisses, trying to pull the bag apart.

Finally, she squeezes the bag until...KA-BLAMMO! The bag explodes.

A startled Oikawa looks up from the sofa. "Arukenimon! What happened?"

"They oughta put warnings on those bags!" Arukenimon groans, lying on the floor with chip debris on her.


Arukenimon is sitting at a table.

"I'm in a 'what if' mood today." she muses. "I wonder what would happen if I DID marry Mummymon." As she speaks, a thought bubble appears next to her, depicting the things she imagines.

"Well, for one thing, we'd probably have a huge wedding..." An image of her in a pretty white wedding dress and veil, one hand holding a bouquet of flowers and the other hand holding onto Mummymon (who is wearing a beige tuxedo) standing in front of a reverend appears in the thought bubble.

"Then we'd raise some kids..." An image of 3 children, 2 girls (one with short blue-white hair, yellow eyes and slightly grey-tinged skin, wearing a red jersey with a picture of a Black Widow spider on it, grey tracksuit pants and purple high-tops; the other Caucasian with blue-white hair in a ponytail, a pink bow in hair and yellow eyes, wearing a royal blue jacket, a white T-shirt, a yellow poodle skirt, purple leggings and red sneakers) and a boy (Caucasian with light grey hair, wearing a light blue jacket and jeans, a purple T-shirt, black sunglasses over his eyes, red spiked wristbands and black Doc Martins) appears in the thought bubble.

"And they'd crawl all over me." An image of Arukenimon herself appears in the thought bubble, and the children immediately start grabbing onto her, pulling her about and clamouring for attention.

The real Arukenimon yelps and shakes her hands at the thought bubble, disintergrating it. "Forget it! I'd make a lousy mother! Although...maybe one kid wouldn't be so bad..." Then she shakes her head firmly. "Nope! I'd definitely suck at motherhood."…

It'll mostly be the same stuff on my Fanfiction.Net account, but I MIGHT post some exclusive (mostly N-17-rated) stuff on there.


United Kingdom
I am a person who LOVES various fandoms. I'm a writer, as opposed to an artist (I suck at art - TRUST me), and while I only have a few fandoms I'm REALLY interested in, if I like a picture, I'll favourite it no problem!

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